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Dave Maffris is a pianist, composer and producer living in working in the Southeast Coastal North Carolina area. Dave lived from 1978 until 2017  in Boston, MA, but was born and raised in  Chicago.  Dave began studying classical piano at age 6, and began playing pop music professionally at age 14. Since then Dave has played a variety of music styles, written countless songs and instrumental compositions, and has become a specialist in jazz piano.  Dave's smooth jazz compositions were released in a series of CD's, including Dreamer (2010), Seasons (2012), and Moods (2014), all available on CD or digital download via iTunes and many other music outlets. Dave performs regularly throughout the Coastal Carolina region with  Burnin' Bridges, a contemporary jazz band, as a solo, duo and trio performer.  Burnin' Bridges has just released their first CD, Live, and in late-2019 released  Point of View, featuring the CBMA Hall of Fame trumpet player Keith Stone. 


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